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Single Mother Explores Entrepreneurship

Single Mother Explores Entrepreneurship

Sugar Land, Texas, September 6, 2016

What happens when an ambitious plan and sheer willpower are combined with the pressures of single motherhood? A gem is formed, and Wick'd Confections Candle Company is a diamond.

The launch of Wick’d Confections Candle Company 's online store is a perfect example of what happens when hard-working women become entrepreneurs! The owner, Sonja Norwood, started her business while pregnant with her second child. She was armed with nothing more than an idea and her own two hands, literally. Norwood began by hand pouring soy candles out of her Sugar Land home and selling them at the local farmers market. She quickly made an impression with her detailed and handcrafted premium soy cupcake candles. Consequently developing her company's name, Wick'd Confections, a play on words referring to the candle's wick in these realistic cupcake confections. She has now expanded her company's product line to include luxury body care made from organic, natural and fair trade ingredients, all the while maintaining a delicious dessert theme. Norwood is a strong advocate for women in business noting all the game changing opportunities available today for aspiring women entrepreneurs. She states " Having a clear vision is key, but one must also set goals and develop a plan of action. Execution is imperative." As the saying goes, goals not written down are just wishes.

According to Forbes Business Magazine, Sonja Norwood’s story is just one of many to come. Forbes projects women-owned businesses will create approximately a third of all new jobs in America by 2018. Several institutions validate this as the new jobs growth frontier such as the United States Small Business Administration, private charitable organizations as well as community lenders extending support to women entrepreneurs. Extinguishing the fear faced when venturing out to pursue your passion, these institutions have all the resources aspiring women business owners need to thrive; from financing and personal training counseling to links to mentors like Norwood who have done it!

About Sonja Norwood

Norwood is a mother of 2 daughters aged 5 and 7 months. She is a high school science teacher by profession, skilled artisan by interest and business owner by choice.

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