Our Story

I've been asked on many occasions how Wick'd Confections Candle Company started. Well, here’s my story. It all started one afternoon in my science class. I was envisioning interactive stations for our holiday celebration and thought making candles would be a fun and easy project. So off I went to make candles, almost instantly I was addicted. It started with a small layered, votive, paraffin candle, clumsily molded in a paper cup and evolved in to Wick'd Confections Candle Company.

I started selling my candles at the local farmer's market and soon began getting requests from locales that reach much further than the local farmer's market. It brings me so much joy to be able to share my candles with you. It took many, many trials and errors for me to discover the perfect soy wax blend, wonderful lead-free wicks, and exceptional fragrance oils for my premium cupcake candles.

Wick'd Confections Candle Company makes every candle to the finest detail. We use the finest wax blend, strongest most delightful fragrance oils, and lead-free wicks to produce gorgeous candles. All our candles are hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labeled. We believe in perfection and go to great lengths to achieve it in our candles. Our wax is very smooth and creamy allowing for heavy fragrance oil saturation.