(Photo Credit: Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge)

Sonja Norwood’s first viral post on TikTok happened when she followed her heart. For months she had been trying to find the sweet spot on her feed of perfectly executed desserts. But no one was noticing. A trained artist, one day she made some Bob’s Burgers macarons for fun because she loved the show. The next morning she awoke to thousands of new followers. “That’s the day I realized the best thing I could do is exactly what I want. I made what I was passionate about,” she said. “I was true to myself and my audience found me.”
Since then, Sonja’s combination of candid confessions and stunning sweet and savory treats have garnered her hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. She has been on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge and her Wick’d Confections has been featured everywhere from Buzzfeed Tasty to Essence.com’s list of 16 Black Breakout Creators to a panelist on YouTube’s Global Shorts for Black History Month
after she reached 100K subscribers in under 2 weeks.