Must Be Jelly, Bears in Space Soap


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Wick'd Confections soaps are handcrafted and make great gifts.

Must be jelly...

Our Must Be Jelly, Bears in Space Soaps are filled with otherworldly sparkle and are loads of wiggly jiggly fun. Handmade from a gently cleansing, bubbly formula, Jelly Bears are even more exciting fresh out of a chilly freezer and into a steaming shower. You'll be left with vibrant & blooming skin that smells beautifully fresh. Choose between three fruity fragrances
  • Size: 6 OZ
  • Arrives with unique corresponding waterfall soap dish and in resealable packaging to preserve the life of your Jelly Bear Soap
  • All soaps are made by hand 
  • Made in the USA.

Stellar Melon, Jelly Bear (Deep Tropical Hot Pink, Watermelon Candy)
Rose Quartz, Jelly Bear (Pink, Citrus Fruits with Fresh Floral Notes)
Intergalactic, Jelly Bear (Blue & Purple Ombre, Blue Raspberry)



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