Melts Melody


Sweet Talk

Now you can melt more than one!

Our Melts Melody is a flameless fragrance variety pack, featuring 5 fun fragrances from fruity to floral; Formulated from the same smooth & creamy natural soy wax blend as our classic melts bars. All the fun is in deciding which fragrance to choose and allowing your warmer to unlock the yummy aroma. Our low melt point wax is compatible with electric and tealight candle warmers.

Fill your space with lovely, lasting fragrance!

  • Size: 2 OZ
  • All candles are made by hand from premium soy wax.
  • Made in the USA
  1. Monkey Farts (Teddy)
  2. Cotton Candy (Gem)
  3. Siren's Song (Seashell)
  4. Sugary Strawberry 
  5. Fresh Pineapple

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