Cheeky, Brown Sugar Bum Polisher


Sweet Talk

You cheeky little scrub!

Cheeky, Brown Sugar Bum Polisher is moisturizing + clarifying brown sugar scrub; Filled with rich Brown Sugar, then layered with the splendidness Fair Trade Turbinado Sugar and clarifying Lemon Peel + Extracts to enhance the exfoliation experience. Infused with  Organic Honey for a glowing boost to your complexion, Pure Caffeine to smooth away dimples and skin renewing Vitamin E. Use while you shower as an all over body scrub or simply focus on your tush and the backs of your thighs. For a brighter smoother derriere

Pretty pretty bum bum!

  • Fragrance: Pure honey & sweet citrus
  • Size: 8 OZ
  • All body scrubs are made by hand 
  • Made in the USA.

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